About Us

Sang Sang

Welcome to Sang Moon Crochet, where the art of crochet meets a passion for creativity and community. I'm Saengphachanh "Sang Sang" Phommakaysone, the founder of Sang Moon Crochet, and my journey began with a simple desire: to share the joy of crochet with others.

What started as a personal pursuit quickly blossomed into something more. From humble beginnings, we expanded to selling online and participating in local farmer's markets. As demand grew, we sought to diversify our offerings, leading to exciting partnerships with three distinctive companies from Thailand. This collaboration has allowed us to incorporate leather bags, ceramic jewelry, and other unique items alongside my handmade crochet creations.

Originally from Laos, my path led me to Thailand, where I pursued my college education and eventually settled in Phuket for over a decade. It was during my time working in the travel industry that I discovered crochet—a soothing escape from the chaos of daily life. What began as a hobby soon became a passion, providing me with focus and fulfillment.

In 2022, fate intervened when I reconnected with a friend from the United States, leading to love, marriage, and a new chapter abroad. Our shared love for travel has enriched my life, allowing me to learn three languages and connect with artisans worldwide. Inspired by these experiences, I envisioned a space where I could not only showcase my love for crochet but also support other artisans in sharing their craft.

At Sang Moon Crochet, every item is handmade with care and imbued with a unique story. Whether you're seeking a thoughtful gift or simply looking to explore the world of crochet, we invite you to join us on this journey of creativity, connection, and, above all, love.