Collection: Bloom Series Crochet Bags

These Bloom Series crochet bags were inspired by Sang Sang, who wanted to give a unique gift to the women attending her wedding. This idea led to the creation of the wine tote bag collection. After crafting over 40 unique blooms for each wine cup, Sang Sang perfected the pattern and began making bags using similar designs. Typically, the bags feature three or four colors and have four flowers on each side. These distinctive bags are among the first handmade in Texas as Sang Sang was migrating to the US. Over the years, she has given many bags to friends and family and continues to create them in her free time. Many of the bags are made while traveling to new destinations in the US; she often starts them on departure flights and finishes them on the return trip. If you are looking for a unique product that embodies the essence of Sang Moon, you have found it.

Bloom Series Crochet Bags