Granny Bag Collections

These are a collection of our Granny Bag products that are organized by type of bag to help you find what your looking for easier.  .  Sang Moon products so you can find what your looking for much easier. A granny bag is a type of handmade bag, often crocheted or knitted, that features a design reminiscent of traditional granny squares. These squares are a popular crochet motif that consists of small, square-shaped patterns, usually made with vibrant, colorful yarn. Granny bags can come in various shapes and sizes, from tote bags to purses, and are known for their retro, vintage aesthetic. The term "granny bag" reflects the nostalgic and timeless quality of these items, as they often evoke the image of handmade crafts passed down through generations. Granny bags are appreciated for their unique, handmade charm and the creativity involved in their construction, making them a popular choice for those who enjoy artisanal and vintage-inspired fashion accessories.